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Saturday, June 16, 2012

MC Hamma

Spring came slowly this year; more slowly than any I can remember. Hard to believe, what with the unseasonal warm weather.  The amount of activity that ensued once it did arrive, however, seems to have made up for it.  A 15 member... 16 member family will do that for you. The older sis is expecting a baby, 'Baby Bean', and the younger sis found a dog; the ugliest, saddest, longest dog with the smallest head that you have ever been moved to pity - left on the porch of church in a rain storm. He was bound for our family. Kate came home from France a few weeks ago in full Parisian style; a scarf on her neck and a tsk on her tongue. Our big house suddenly got real small.  She has these great floral pants that are tight around the waist and ankle, but hang low at the hip. They've had mom do doo-ing 'MC Hammer' for the past three weeks.

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